- Product Care -

Your SWIMS product is of high quality, and has a long life span if you treat it nice. We encourage repair and reuse, striving to work towards less waste.


How to wash your SWIMS outerwear

Our outerwear comes in clean, modern designs meant to last long-term. Wash when dirty. Your garment will last longer, look nicer and smell better when regularly cleaned. Never use fabric softeners. Tumble dry to reset the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment. Use light powdered detergents and wash at 30 degrees celsius.. Re-impregnate when fabric surface does not re-pell water when newly tumble-dried.


 How to clean your SWIMS leather shoes

If you have purchased SWIMS shoes with Nubuck leather (Motion Chelsea, Motion Chukka, Motion Wing Tip Boot and Motion Country Boot) then you may follow the below instructons for care:

- Use a rubber eraser to remove any dirt or smudges
- Use a soft brush or suede eraser to lightly clean the dust from the surface, brushing in one direction
- Use a silicon spray or nubuck spray for dirt and water-resistance
- Air dry thoroughly


How to wash your Breeze Loafers

Our Breeze loafer is machine-washable at 30 degrees celsius. Feel free to use a normal detergent, however please avoid any softener. Let them air dry thoroughly 


How to look after your SWIMS loafers

Our loafers are made of natural rubber and TPU, which needs just as much care as leather. We suggest using a sponge and silicone spray to gently clean the surface of your loafers, which will renew their shine and remove scratches.  


How to wash your SWIMS loafer

Almost all of our loafers are water-friendly, and hence; machine washable. Remove the insole and place both the loafers and the insoles in a washbag. You may use normal wash detergent, however do not add softener, nor tumble dry the loafers and insoles. Let them air dry separately. 


Kindly look at the product card in your shoe box for more product information. Most of our loafers and sneakers are machine washable. However, do remove the base sole and clan separately to maintain a longer life span. 

Should you have further enquiries regards to product care, you may contact our SWIMS representative customer.service@swimssg.com for advice.