Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day

It is not how you spend your day, it is who you spend your day with.

Dad is always busy working ensuring his family has everything they need. He may not be available everyday but the best days are always on his off days because he will spend THIS day just with his family. It means many walks at the park, eating ice-cream and going to the playground. When you try hard enough with that irresistibly cute face, you'll walk out from Toy'R'us as happy as a clam! Well... it worked for me!

Remember when you were little and we went on that walk for ice cream every other weekend? You were always jumping with joy! You would put on that favourite sandal that dad got you. That kind of sandal that will always make that cute and funny noises as you walk so he knew where u were. 

Do you remember that walk at the zoo? And when you’re tired, dad will swing you over his shoulders but you will never let go of your favourite sandal no matter! Because dad got it for you. Just like how he got you your first pair of basketball shoes, your first Playstation and probably the one who beat you at FIFA. Or your first guitar..ok maybe this dad is not musically inclined. Or your first dumbbell. A perfect reason to turn you house into a gym adapting to the new normalcy due to this pandemic. Well, least to say, your many firsts! And dad is your greatest motivator!

Many years have passed since then. Now, dad still brings you out for dinner at some fancy restaurant or maybe a simple meal of half boil eggs, kaya toast and a hot tea at the nearest kopitiam or your favourite nasi padang at Dapur Hassan stall where you go crazy over the many selection of dishes. Bulking you said! More so now, dad will tapau for you!

See, dad is someone who will be happy no matter where he is as long as he knows he is able to spend that precious time that he has with you even if its just a walk to tapau your favourite mee rebus....or even ice cream! 

Dad is THAT simple! No fuss. He is someone with a HUGE heart!

Celebrate with your dad this June! Go for walks. Catch up and talk at the park or get food together. Perhaps this time surprise your dad with a pair of shoes that he will love and treasure!

Father's Day Bundle Promotion starts from 1st - 20th June.



Special thanks to Dapur Hassan Food Stand @dapurhassansg